Massage Therapy

Remedial Massage
Remedial Massage is management of the soft tissues in the body. Remedial
massage is used to treat or manage conditions such as;
– muscle strain
– tendinopathies
– muscles fatigue and tightness.
Remedial massage is effective at releasing trigger points, loosening tight muscles,
relieving headaches and correcting imbalances. However, remedial massage can
also be effective at preventing injuries from occurring. Commonly clients use
remedial massage for muscle maintenance.
Remedial massage can involve cupping, stretching, soft tissue mobilization, needling
and breathing. Each treatment is tailored for the client and condition.

Relaxation Massage
The primary goal of relaxation (or Swedish Massage) is to relax the body and mind.
However, relaxation massage is also great for increasing circulation and blood flow,
easing tension and improving flexibility. Relaxation massage is used to treat;
– tension
– stress
– anxiety
– sleep issues
– muscle pain
Relaxation massage is for any age and any type of injury because it is uses gentler
techniques that are slow, long and relaxing.
Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Lymphatic drainage is a type of manual therapy that involves moving fluid (lymph)
through the body or away from swelling. Lymphatic drainage uses soft and gentle
movements to encourage and assist the lymph system drain fluid. Lymphatic
drainage is effective for;
– swelling in joints
– after an injury
– Post-surgery
– After a flu or cold
– After node removal surgery (breast cancer)
– general detox
Lymphatic drainage can be used on its own or incorporated into any treatment.