If you have heard the words mind/body or metaphysical and wonder what and how
they may relate to you or even what do those words really mean, kinesiology can
help to answer and solve that riddle.

Kinesiology may be used for chronic health, pain, stress, or even to support you to
find the answers to your life’s purpose, or deal with an “attitude” that needs
addressing, whatever you think or believe you need addressed, kinesiology can help
you find your unique answers. This modality is not a one size fits all, there are no
set rules, for you to achieve balance within.

Kinesiology is for those individuals who want to take responsibility for themselves,
whether it is to cope with stress, learning challenges, muscle injuries, or why that
persistent cough will not go away.

So how does kinesiology work? By using gentle muscle monitoring, information is
gleaned from the subconscious mind of the person, this information is used to find
the best way to restore balance and heal on all levels, whether that be mental,
emotional, physical, spiritual or nutritional.