The Beginnings of Utile

July 7, 2017



Utile Functional Health was a dream that we always saw in the future. The “one day” plan. However, after finishing up my degree in 2016 my partner said “jump now or never”. With no children, family or lifestyle that tied me down the time was NOW. I had previously worked as a teacher in what I can only describe as a soul crushing, leech of a career that simply didn’t give me the satisfaction that I was seeking.

Although the decision to open a business was sickening and exciting all at once, we decided to take the leap and open UTILE in search for a job which didn’t feel like work. I am so grateful that I made the jump. Being formally trained as a teacher, photographer but also a Musculoskeletal Therapist (MST), by far my role as a MST in my clinic makes going to work easy, exciting and gives me the opportunity to continue learning.

After being in previous clinics I knew I wanted my clinic to be holistic but not hippy, inclusive, use clinical based medicine but offer clients an alternative to the current western medicine industry that has failed so many. I wanted healthcare in our clinic to be something which people feel comfortable talking about, being involved with and taking responsibility.


HEALTH DOES NOT HAVE TO BE COMPLICATED. Long-term health and wellness doesn’t need to involve 30 day soup diets, 400 wall balls or meditating for 4 hours a day whilst listening to whale music. I was determined to make UTILE a health clinic that was realistic about health long-term. No band aid solution. No just treating the symptoms. But rather finding the root cause to health issues. Hence our name of Functional Health. UTILE is an old latin word for “useful” and we hope that at UTILE we provide useful functional health for all of our clients.